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[sticky post] Friends Only.

This journal is now officially friends only. If you'd like to be added, please comment to this post. I like to hear how you found me and why you're adding me, just to make sure I don't end up with a lot of spambots.

I am really pretty shy but love to meet new people. My fic, for those who found me through that, is all posted at ficviendha; over here tends to be more emotional real life ramblings/memes/fannish rambling.

So if that's what you like...

Roleplay Journals

For keeping my head pastede on. Otherwise, I don't think it's important.

Character ListCollapse )
So, it finally happened. My recommendations list got too big for one post. Here's a separate one for Supernatural, then. In two parts. Oops.

Season One-Season Five recs here.Collapse )
Medium: book
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Subject: women of Westeros
Title: she without a voice
Notes: 24 song fanmix gift for kitrinlu! Includes a song for most of the major female characters (and a few of the lucky minor ones), along with four others for general ladies trying to get by in Westeros (or Essos).

download || stream

wolf mother, where you been? you look so worn, so thinCollapse )
Medium: play/myth/etc.
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Subject: Clytemnestra
Title: No Fear of the Husband
Notes: A gift for agirlought! 29 tracks, featuring mostly female singers. A mix celebrating the fabulousness that is Clytemnestra, the killer queen of the house of Atreus. (Because we all know there's nothing better than mythological ladies who kill people.)

no fear of the husband

stream || download

justice lead him inCollapse )

FST: Avengers: There Will Be No Tenderness

Medium: movie
Fandom: The Avengers
Subject: Loki/Clint
Title: There Will Be No Tenderness
Notes: 17 songs and one bonus track (because apparently I cannot resist being flippant where this pairing is concerned. For those curious, next up on my "to post" list for fanmixes (other than gift mixes, of which there are two) is probably going to be my shockingly mainstream Silmarillion fanmix. So you have that to look forward to. As I know you are.

there will be no tenderness

{stream} | {download} | {tumblr}

i will show no mercy to you, you show no mercy to meCollapse )

FST: Silmarillion: Till I Say I'm Sorry

Medium: book
Fandom: Silmarillion
Subject: Angrod/Caranthir
Title: Till I Say I'm Sorry
Notes: 18 songs. This one has been in the works for embarrassingly long and is half really very silly and half...somewhat less silly. Mostly silly, though. (What? It's the pairing.) Also, apparently all I use this LJ for anymore is posting fanmixes. ...sorry about that? (I will be linking gifts here, when those start going up. ...or posting them here, for the fanmix ones.)

{download} {stream}

it's been one week since you looked at meCollapse )

FST: Supernatural: Winchesters Rising

Medium: movie
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: curtainfic! (namely, Sam and Dean stop hunting and settle down)
Title: Winchesters Rising
Notes: 22 songs, and oh holy shit (1) this is a Supernatural fanmix? Bet you thought I'd forgotten that fandom! and (2) it is a ficmix (drabble per song) so. You know. That's. A thing. (So, you know, don't give up on me yet?) 8tracks is being dumb, so stream link will hopefully be up soon.

download | stream

it's always darkest before the dawnCollapse )

dear yuletide author post!!! belatedly!!!

Well, okay, only a bit belatedly. (And I'm still not here. Except sometimes.) But! I am signed up for Yuletide this year (which will hopefully not lead to my demise) and that means I get to ramble about things that I like! My favorite!

Nightwatch, Rai Kirah, Lymond Chronicles, Coldfire TrilogyCollapse )

FST: Avengers: somewhere only we know

Medium: movie
Fandom: Avengers
Subject: Steve/Loki
Title: somewhere only we know
Notes: 32 songs, making this officially my longest fanmix...I'm pretty sure so far this year? That's interesting. This pairing, though. THIS PAIRING. You can't stop me, guys, and I will...probably never find the fic for it that I want and probably also never write it. Also I am sorry I have been so quiet. I think I am in denial about my gradual abandonment of LJ. There will be a post to that effect sometime in the next couple days. Stay tuned. (I know you're all glued to your seats.) This fanmix takes as its conceit something like the plot of the Steve/Loki RP I have been playing with, namely initial animosity that turns into weird attraction that turns into something like a relationship, and how did that happen? I swear all the falling references are, once again, entirely unintentional.

8tracks | mediafire

would you please get out from under my skin?Collapse )
Medium: book
Fandom: Silmarillion
Subject: Finrod/Curufin
Title: There's a Fire Inside of This Heart
Notes: 26 songs, goddamn. That's more than I was expecting. This mix has as its conceit the idea of Finrod/Curufin as a pairing that started with no necessarily bad intentions but the background knowledge always there that it wouldn't end well, and gradually went sour, ending, of course, with Finrod's death. This was a fun one to make. The world sorely needs more Finrod/Curufin. (Don't argue. you know it's true.) THIS IS ALSO A PSA THAT THE AREDHEL FST NOW HAS A DOWNLOAD LINK.

mediafire | 8tracks

we're reeling through the endless fallCollapse )

FST: Silmarillion: Trouble is a Friend

Medium: book
Fandom: Silmarillion
Subject: Aredhel
Title: Trouble is a Friend
Notes: 21 songs, variety of genres, some background Aredhel/Eol. A mix that's been in progress for a bit. Don't shoot me for including Shania Twain, I literally could not resist. IT JUST HAPPENED. Not my fault, I swear. (Aredhel is great, everyone should love her more, that is my motto.) Am also absurdly proud of the fact that there is one male-sung song on this mix and it is the most Aredhel/Eol-y one, so makes sense. Do I think too much about my fanmixes? Download not currently available.

.zip download here | stream here

the original wild thingCollapse )
Fandom: Sherlock
Medium: TV show
Subject: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
Title: Clever Girls Like Clever Boys
Notes: Done at the request of mirrorscape from tumblr, yes, again. I have not ever made a fanmix for this fandom before! Which made this one a challenge. Also had never thought about this pairing much before - mostly because I don't really think about pairings in Sherlock full stop - but it was fun to fool around with the idea of what the dynamic might be like. Also Molly is really really excellent. Most of this is from her POV, because Sherlock (and people of his personality type) are really hard to fanmix for. I swear the falling references were unintentional.

For those on my flist who are sick of fanmixes: this is the last one, I promise. Real update to come soon.


you'll blow them all to the wall when they realize what you've been working forCollapse )

FST: Avatar the Last Airbender: unfolding

Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Medium: Western Animation
Subject: Ty Lee/Azula
Title: unfolding
Notes: Done at the request of paradife-loft over on tumblr. I had a weirdly hard time with this mix, which I didn't expect. I had to decide what tone I wanted to strike, and a lot of the songs I wanted to include didn't end up working for me. I think I am satisfied with the end product, though. For now. This runs the gamut from...screwy to less screwy, as per my usual for shipping. I don't think this is a particularly healthy ship, basically, though I want it to be someday. As a side note, I have posted a few short mixes over at tumblr and not here, including several for ASOIAF (Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, and Jon Snow all now have one) and a few assorted others. Those are now linked at my FST masterpost.


download HERE | stream HERE

whatever you want, whatever you want, whatever you want is fine by meCollapse )

FST: Silmarillion: Epitaph on a Tyrant

Fandom: Silmarillion
Medium: book
Subject: The House of Feanor
Title: Epitaph on a Tyrant
Notes: 23 songs, two for each member of the house (including Nerdanel and Celebrimbor, but the twins as one entity) and a bonus five for general purposes. This was a really fun mix to make, primarily graphically. So appreciate the pretty graphics. Because they were fun. (It has been too long since I made a fanmix for this fandom. I missed it.)


perfection, of a kind, was what he was afterCollapse )

episode 28 of "lise makes bad choices"

So hc_bingo opened for signups! AND CLEARLY I do not have enough ridiculously self-indulgent h/c fic as it is! Clearly. ...yeah, I signed up.

Opposite of a good idea, I am just saying.

here's the table back here, we'll see how this goesCollapse )

FST: Avengers: protège-moi

Fandom: The Avengers
Medium: movie
Subject: Loki/Clint
Title: protège-moi
Notes: This mix owes its existence entirely to the wonderful zaataronpita and the fact that I spent the last few days living with her. And my penchant for really really fucked up ships. They're the best kind, what can I say. THIS MIX ALSO REPRESENTS the debut of my uploading things to 8tracks.com as well as zipping them, for those who don't like to/can't download but still want to listen. ...I have at least two other fanmixes completed, so those will be up shortly as well. One is solely delayed on the basis of formatting, oh sigh.


I don't know what I'm looking for anymore/I just know that I'm harder to consoleCollapse )

FST: Avengers: What Other Thieving Bird

Fandom: Thor/The Avengers
Medium: movie
Subject: Loki
Title: What Other Thieving Bird
Notes: So you knew this was coming, right? This oscillates between excessive amounts of sympathy and ...not. At any rate there is much bitterness and angry. You know. As expected. 28 songs, making this my longest fanmix in a while. I kept finding more. A little bit of everything, from Vienna Teng to Nine Inch Nails. (I promise I'll stop talking about Loki one of these days. ...eventually.)


but I'm bad, bred to sufferCollapse )
Hello my writer for Not Prime Time! First things first - you are a wonderful human being, a fabulous writer, and I will enjoy whatever you choose to do. Just to get that out of the way before you start freaking out about how picky I may or may not be. I really am pretty easy to please. And I tried to leave my prompts niiiice and vague.

I'm pretty hard to squick on things. There are a few very specific things I never ever ever want to see, but most of those won't come up for this exchange, so I won't even bother listing them unless under the pertinent section. Character bashing is a big no no for me. Even for characters I don't like, I would always rather read an understanding and nuanced portrait of a character than anything else. Haters to the left and all of that. Yannow.

Things I do love...I love hurt/comfort, mostly shamelessly. I love introspective shit where we get to learn more about a character. I love dialogue heavy scenes between two people that tell us more about both of them. I love understatement. I enjoy dark endings a lot a lot but I am kind of a secret sap. There are enormous lists of fic recommendations at the top of this journal - feel free to look through them if you want more ideas about the kinds of things I enjoy.

AND NOW TO THE SPECIFICS for Code Geass, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Silmarillion, and White CollarCollapse )

I think that's about it. Have a great time, whatever you choose to write, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

immediately post avengers



ps need a loki icon.
Dear Summergen writer!

First things first. I am so very excited to have you writing something for me! Overall, despite how I make it sound, I am rather easy to please, and if you enjoy what you write I will probably enjoy it as well.

more detailed shit hereCollapse )

Whatever you go for, though, I'm sure I will love it! And I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I hope I am not a difficult or painful assignment, and that you enjoy the fic you receive as much as I'm sure I will enjoy mine!

FST: Code Geass: The Power of the King

Fandom: Code Geass
Medium: Anime
Subject: Lelouch vi Britannia
Title: The Power of the King
Notes: 23 songs from roughly beginning to end, all focusing on Lelouch although occasionally sidetracking into Lelouch/other people because apparently I can't help myself. This one was really fun to make. And I am rather absurdly fond of it. So sue me. (Also this is the last one which is really completed. I have a bunch of drabbles to write for the ficmix one, so it probably won't turn up until after finals. Also? Ridiculously image heavy. Not for the faint of connection.


if the king does not lead, how can he expect others to follow?Collapse )

FST: Supernatural: crash&burn

Fandom: Supernatural
Medium: TV show
Subject: Lucifer/Sam
Title: crash&burn
Notes: This is the "ridiculously creepy Lucifer/Sam fanmix" I've been talking about for a while. Just to give you an idea of how I mean that, it includes Eurovision, a song called The Masochism Tango, and ABBA. I am not even a little bit sorry. ...next fanmix up will probably be. Um. Either the ficmix of curtainfic glory, or the Lelouch one. I'm kind of stalling on both. For different reasons.


who touches you and holds you quite like I do?Collapse )

Apr. 12th, 2012

Stolen from - who else? - moetushie. Because I am grumpy and self-indulgent? Or something. The majority of these are...not actually sexual. Because gen. Forever.

F I V E ★  A C TS

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Sign up here and then read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.
  • Dystopias (apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic worlds; alien invasions; pandemics; computers take over; settings in Hell, or earth becomes Hell)
  • Emotional themes, emo-kink (angst; wallows; darkfic; emotional damage; psychological trauma; tragic pasts; broken characters; guilt and shame; mental instability; sadness and grief; abandonment or fear of same; characters who can't go home again; fear in general; nightmares; loneliness; broken-heartedness; failure; insecurity; self-hatred; self-mutilation such as secret cutting; suicide; see also Insanity)
  • Falling (falling from grace; going bad; turning to the Dark Side; Faustian deals; succumbing to temptation or addiction; degradation and descent in general)
  • Love/hate relationship
  • Hurt/comfort (emotional and/or physical, including torture of all kinds and degrees, and any form of caretaking)

fandoms and shit under here! yay impulsivity and giving myself more things to write!Collapse )

Also why is there not more Code Geass fic no really why.


I forgot how much this fucking show makes me hurt. It is like.

SILLINESS AND MELODRAMA AND oh wait ow. Bawled through "Madder Sky." And Suzaku! Lelouch! Suzaku and Lelouch! YOUR BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP.

And of course R2 turns up the pain to like 12.

Fuck the haters. I love this show, in all its (bordering on absurd) glory.

Want to write fic now. Also want a LloydandCecile spinoff. It would be wonderful, don't look at me like that.

Also a fantastic soundtrack.

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Tell your friends!

I know you have all done this before, but some basic instructions:

--> Post a comment here with your prompt. Prompts should focus on the 2014!universe (although they can extend beyond and to the sides, use your judgment) and should be some kind of AU. Be as detailed as you like (or as vague).
--> Include any desired pairings/characters/genres in your prompt.
--> It may also be prudent to note non desired pairings/character/genres but on that note
--> Don't be a douche. Stay respectful, don't complain about other people's requests, no flaming fills, all of that. I reserve the right to kick you all out of my sandbox and/or delete offensive comments.
--> Warn for potential triggers in both prompts and fills. It is also considerate to gray out such things:

--> If you like something, comment! Authors will love you.
--> PIMP OUT THIS MEME. I am neither popular nor outgoing. Your help is appreciated.
--> Send me a message with any questions and/or comments, and enjoy yourselves!

and then this happened

Poll #1831638 so um.

If I maybe created a banner for a 5.04 AU comment-fic meme, who would participate/pimp it for me?


ETA: ...and by this I mean I have a banner for it and a partial post written up but don't want to be a completely pathetic loser. What?
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Medium: book
Subject: Sansa/Mya
Title: the walls are down a little more each day
Notes: So this one's been...done for a while. Shamelessly adorable, with almost absurd amounts of Dido. For why you should ship this, I direct you to this tumblr post. I WILL GET TO THE PHOTOSET FROM COMICON EVENTUALLY I SWEAR. ...but there are fanmixes to post. :D? I should start...crossposting these, or something.


won't let the city destroy our loveCollapse )

Another Claim Reference Post

Links to All My Finished 50_darkfics Stories

Warning: Any/all of these may include potentially disturbing content including sexual violence and child molestation. In the words of one infamous author, viower excretion advisd.

Read more...Collapse )

meme and shit

More Feedback Week, Feb 11-19, Leave a Comment

I am also going to try to do this this week.

Feed me? Though?

My stuff is up at ficviendha and also at FFN as Min Daae and not really at AO3 except sort of.

I'm pretty sure all of you already comment but

okay back to pretending I can write this paper

Writer's Block: Party of Five

If you could invite four people-living or dead- to a dinner party, who would they be?

This has been a running joke in Hum conference. Sappho, Herodotus, Thucydides, and Archilochus are invited to my Ancient Greece dinner party.

Plato and Aristotle are not.

Also Hesiod because he would make me feel bad about being a woman.

If I could have others I think I would also want Camille Desmoulins and JRR Tolkien. And possibly Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, but only if they came together.

oh skilled people of the flist

Quick question/all points bulletin:

Does any of you know how to make a cowl, a la Batgirl?

Or know where I can find this out?

Thank you.


Page Summary

What If? (Epilogue)

Here you sit on your high-backed chair
Wonder how the view is from there
I wouldn't know 'cause I like to sit
Upon the floor, yeah upon the floor
If you like we could play a game
Let's pretend that we are the same
But you will have to look much closer
Than you do, closer than you do

And I'm far too tired to stay here anymore
And I don't care what you think anyway
'Cause I think you were wrong about me
Yeah what if you were, what if you were

And what if I'm a snowstorm burning
What if I'm a world unturning
What if I'm an ocean, far too shallow, much too deep
What if I'm the kindest demon
Something you may not believe in
What if I'm a siren singing gentlemen to sleep

I know you've got it figured out
Tell me what I am all about
And I just might learn a thing or two
Hundred about you, maybe about you
I'm the end of your telescope
I don't change just to suit your vision
'Cause I am bound by a fraying rope
Around my hands, tied around my hands

And you close your eyes when I say I'm breaking free
And put your hands over both your ears
Because you cannot stand to believe I'm not
The perfect girl you thought
Well what have I got to lose

And what if I'm a weeping willow
Laughing tears upon my pillow
What if I'm a socialite who wants to be alone
What if I'm a toothless leopard
What if I'm a sheepless shepherd
What if I'm an angel without wings to take me home

You don't know me
Never will, never will
I'm outside your picture frame
And the glass is breaking now
You can't see me
Never will, never will
If you're never gonna see

What if I'm a crowded desert
Too much pain with little pleasure
What if I'm the nicest place you never want to go
What if I don't know who I am
Will that keep us both from trying
To find out and when you have
Be sure to let me know

What if I'm a snowstorm burning
What if I'm a world unturning
What if I'm an ocean, far too shallow, much too deep
What if I'm the kindest demon
Something you may not believe in
What if I'm a siren singing gentlemen to sleep


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