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I am really pretty shy but love to meet new people. My fic, for those who found me through that, is all posted at ficviendha; over here tends to be more emotional real life ramblings/memes/fannish rambling.

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[Fanfiction Recommendations: Avatar-Silmarillion]

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Other half of fandom recs in this post. Supernatural recs now in two separate posts the first of which is here.
a song of ice and fire: sansa/mya

FST: A Song of Ice and Fire: she without a voice

Medium: book
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Subject: women of Westeros
Title: she without a voice
Notes: 24 song fanmix gift for kitrinlu! Includes a song for most of the major female characters (and a few of the lucky minor ones), along with four others for general ladies trying to get by in Westeros (or Essos).

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wheel of time: min farshaw

FST: Greek Mythology: No Fear of the Husband

Medium: play/myth/etc.
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Subject: Clytemnestra
Title: No Fear of the Husband
Notes: A gift for agirlought! 29 tracks, featuring mostly female singers. A mix celebrating the fabulousness that is Clytemnestra, the killer queen of the house of Atreus. (Because we all know there's nothing better than mythological ladies who kill people.)

no fear of the husband

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supernatural: look at this badass

FST: Avengers: There Will Be No Tenderness

Medium: movie
Fandom: The Avengers
Subject: Loki/Clint
Title: There Will Be No Tenderness
Notes: 17 songs and one bonus track (because apparently I cannot resist being flippant where this pairing is concerned. For those curious, next up on my "to post" list for fanmixes (other than gift mixes, of which there are two) is probably going to be my shockingly mainstream Silmarillion fanmix. So you have that to look forward to. As I know you are.

there will be no tenderness

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silmarillion: bitch time of the elves is

FST: Silmarillion: Till I Say I'm Sorry

Medium: book
Fandom: Silmarillion
Subject: Angrod/Caranthir
Title: Till I Say I'm Sorry
Notes: 18 songs. This one has been in the works for embarrassingly long and is half really very silly and half...somewhat less silly. Mostly silly, though. (What? It's the pairing.) Also, apparently all I use this LJ for anymore is posting fanmixes. ...sorry about that? (I will be linking gifts here, when those start going up. ...or posting them here, for the fanmix ones.)

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